Why Your Back Pain Won't Go Away

November 6, 2017

Does your back pain stop you from living your active and healthy lifestyle? Have you depended on painkillers to decrease your back pain? Are you tired of going to your doctor who may have great intentions but does not have the time to listen to your whole story?


If you have answered yes to any of those questions, this blog is for YOU.


Since about 80 percent of the population experiences back pain at one point in their life, it is abnormal if you don’t experience it at least once. With that being said, you might as well know how to fight back!


Today we have access to endless information, right at our fingertips and this is truly unfortunate. Yes, you heard me right.

More information sounds better right? You must have a better understanding about XYZ because you have access to more information. This may be true when you are Google-ing how to fix your frozen iPhone (yes I speak from experience).


However, the body is far more complex than the man-made iPhone you are using to frantically find ways to make your back pain go away (believe it or not). For this reason I want to help you by giving you a short list of things you have been doing that you thought were helping your back but are actually harmful.




1. Stretching your hamstrings

STOP stretching you hamstrings (ESPECIALLY for those with pain felt down into your leg). I do not know where this notion of “you have to stretch or you will get hurt” came from, but you do not need to do it.


Most of flexibility comes from your parents and your parents’ parents. I am not saying constant stretching doesn’t lead to more range of motion (it does marginally); I am just saying you probably do not need it for your activity and you will NOT break if you do not stretch.


You do not even need to stretch to prepare for exercise. Instead of stretching before exercises, try just warming up using movements that will be similar to the activity you are doing. 



2. Struggling to Have “Perfect Posture”

You have always been told, “sit up straight” or even scolded by mom telling you to fix your posture. I have some good news for you, it is OKAY to slouch and for some it will probably help with your back pain.


Perfect posture does not exist, nor does slouching cause injury to the back. Here is my advice to you, VARY your posture throughout the day. If you tend to sit a lot, take more walking breaks throughout the day. If you stand a lot, move into different postures and even sit whenever you can.

It is not the specific posture that is causing your back pain, it is your lack of movement. Your back relies on movement for its nutrients and the brain thrives on movement. So treat your back and your brain and vary your posture throughout the day!



3. Thinking the Pain is Out of Your Control


This one is a big one and you all know who you are. It’s the, “Everything just hurts and its all because I turned 40” or “Yeah my back is done for, I have arthritis/bone-on-bone/any other Debbie downer diagnosis known to mankind”. 



Here is the truth of the matter; you will ALWAYS have control of your health. You are NOT broken and you DESERVE to know how to remain active, be more productive at work, throw around the kids or grandkids and live free of daily painkillers.


I hope you are not only more educated after reading this, but you now know and understand that your injury or your ailment is not the end of the road.


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