Kinetic Impact specialize in getting you out of pain ASAP, providing you with the knowledge to stay active and do the things you love to do.


Whether you have neck, low back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and/or foot pain; we are the clinic for you! 


We take the time to listen to your unique story in order to get you out of pain ASAP, saving time and money in the long run. We ALWAYS have your best interest in mind with every visit. 

Initial Visit Options
  • Initial Exam Options

  • 90 Min - $250

  • 60 Min - $175

  • 30 Min - $110

Follow Up Visit Options
  • 60 Min - $150

  • 30 Min - $100

  • 15 Min - $55

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FREE Phone Consultation With a Doctor
  • ​Speak with a doctor over the phone about your symptoms and learn how we can help, completely FREE! 

  • We created this option so you can see if we are the right fit for you and see how we provide the best solutions to get you PAIN FREE and back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

  • To talk to a doctor TODAY to learn more about your pain click on the button below.

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We also Treat

Neck Pain  // Sciatica // Chronic Pain // Low Back Pain  // Numbness or Tingling  // Plantar Fasciitis // Hamstring Strain  // Surgical Rehabilitation  // Ankle Sprains // Hip or Shoulder Labrum Tear // Rotator Cuff Tear // Tennis or Golfer's Elbow // Muscle Soreness // Injury Prevention // Many More!..