Office Visits

We Would Love to Welcome You to Our Office

We are passionate about helping people and would love for you to have the opportunity to experience how we can help you feel better right here in our office. At Kinetic Impact you are welcomed with open arms and cared for like a family member. Our home is your home and we will do everything in our power to give you the care you deserve from the moment you step in our office.We have helped thousands of people go from afraid and in pain to becoming confident and in control of symptoms. Our number one goal is to help people like you by providing hope with an achievable game plan to get you feeling better and moving better.

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What to Expect from Our Office

  • An evaluation of your current capacity (where you are right now)
  • An evaluation of your required capacity (where you want to go)
  • Be taught from us how to fill this gap between where you are NOW and where you want to be by:
    • Educating you every step of the way
    • Teaching you movement quality
    • Providing you with hope and an achievable plan of action

A great example of this is going from being unable to bend forward because of back pain to being able to play with your children with confidence. Another example is going from the inability to perform to the best of your ability as a professional athlete to playing your sport again without thinking twice about your injury.

Our goal is to teach you how to fill the gap between how you are feeling now to how you would feel moving forward. We know and understand this can be an overwhelming process so it is our goal to help you get there one step at a time.

You are stronger and more resilient than you think and we want to guide you through this overwhelming process to get you to where you want to be. You WILL get better and we can show you how, all from the comfort of your home!

How We Help Guide You to Feeling Confident and In Control of Your Symptoms

During your office visit, we will help guide you from in pain and fear to confident and in control by:

  • Giving chiropractic adjustments
  • Administering manual therapy (soft tissue-like techniques)
  • Additional Clinical Techniques (i.e. traction, cupping, kinesiotaping)
  • Identifying Pain Generating Activities
  • Coaching the skills of movement
  • Developing strategies for self care
  • Educating you and addressing your concerns
  • Keeping open dialogue throughout the process
  • Creating a safe environment to be challenged (challenging but not frustrating, safe but not boring)
  • Providing variety in movement to encourage injury prevention
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