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Now that you know the importance of finding out what is causing your neck pain, you can now focus on how you can get back to doing what you love to do worry free!


At our office it is extremely important for us to see you reach your goals, whether it be playing with your children, being active with loved ones, performing on the court/field, ditching the painkillers or being more productive at work. 

Here are some common misconceptions patients just like you tell us daily:

  1. Stretch your neck and the pain should go away: This could give temporary relief but in some cases be making your pain worse in the long run. 

  2. Take some painkillers and wait for the pain to go away: Masking the symptoms does not address the problem.

  3. Just rest and the pain will go away: Complete rest does not address what is causing the pain. 

  4. A friend/family member (with good intention) tells you to try these exercises that worked for them: What is a helpful exercise for one person may be harmful to perform yourself.

  5. Sit with perfect posture and you'll fix your neck: Sitting in "perfect" posture is not as beneficial as we once thought. We like to advise to vary your posture throughout the day. 

Sit Down With a Doctor TODAY

Get back to doing the things you love to do and enjoy the active, healthy lifestyle you desire without having to rely on painkillers. If you still have questions about your neck pain and would like to sit down with a doctor, click the button below. This is a FREE 20 minute discovery session where the doctor will talk to you, explain what it is that is causing your pain and how we can help.