Is this your company?

Are you looking for ways to enhance your current corporate climate? Do you notice people are stressed at work? Is there a lack of camaraderie and laughter in your workplace? Do you want to bring a forward thinking wellness program to an existing foundation? Are you looking to increase the intangible satisfaction of the workplace with less cost? 


Many companies strive to provide the best customer experience possible. It is important to look inside your company's walls and ask, "are we providing the best possible environment for our employees as well?" The human mood is very similar to a virus. Frustration, discontent and anger are contagious and can be passed from one person to another. On the other end of the spectrum sincere happiness, dedication and passion can be just as infectious. 

You are not alone 

Every company deals with some sort of stress, which is not all bad. When we are out of our comfort zones breakthroughs and inovations take place . You have most likely experienced stress as pressure from a boss, deadlines closing in, or presenting an idea in front of a panel. Stress is apart of the job and you are not alone!


It is not the presence of stress that leads to a healthy or unhealthy environment, it is how we choose to deal with it. Stress is inevitable, but having avenues or options to alleviate the pressure can ultimately dictate whether this stress creates a positive or negative work environment.

How Your Stress Effects Your Performance

We know and understand how the stresses of hitting deadlines, pleasing customers or just the day-to-day grind can be overwhelming for your company. Stress can manifest as physical symptoms like neck/low back pain, muscle tightness, headaches, etc.  Brain function and concentration are diminished as a result of stress, increasing the difficulty of basic daily tasks creating a less satisfying work environment for your company. Understanding the science of stress is crucial to preventing staff burnout.


One example is a study done at the University of Illinois in 2008 where they found that the brain’s attention to detail drops after a long period of focusing on a single objective, decreasing our attention span and hindering performance. But even brief diversions ("micro-breaks"), significantly increases one’s overall focus on that task for prolonged periods of time.


To get the highest yield of these "micro-breaks", one should completely un-plug from the task at hand as much as possible. This could be something as simple as getting up and walking away from the task for 1-2 minutes and focusing on some breathing. Many break-throughs or "ah-ha" moments come to us when we are completely un-plugged or doing a leisure activity. Adopting a time efficient strategy is more productive than adopting a strategy based solely on duration of time. 

5 easy ways to cope with stress

           Breathe: Take 10 deep breaths with your eyes closed to re-boot. 

           Take a break: Every hour get up and walk around the workspace. 

           Move more: Take 20 minutes to walk during the lunch hour.


           Indulge in your hobby: Take the time to unplug and do what you like.


          Create a to-do list: When things start to get a bit out of control, take a second and gather your thoughts. 

Top-to-Bottom Approach

We have heard you company's story many times before and we have seen the positive impact health and fitness has had on companies just like yours! The key is to create a culture that fosters a positive mindset towards your company's health, fitness and overall wellness. Think of the time of your life where you were the most consistent with physical activity (whether that was hiking, biking, the gym or just going for walks). Now I want you to remember how you felt. 

I am sure you agree that you felt pretty amazing. In order to change your habits physically, you must first address your mindset. If you skip this process, you will never truly identify with your habit changes. If you look at the most forward thinking companies when it comes to the health and wellness of their employees, the culture is driven from the inside-out; from the executives down to the employees. 

How We Can Help Your Company

Wellness is a proactive mindset. Listening to your staff and their needs may be the first step to finding the best wellness solution. There are simple and cost-effective solutions that can foster a better work environment. When your employees feel better, they are more likely to show up to work with a better attitude leading to increased productivity and a positive environment for your company to thrive. 

Corporate Wellness



A series of presentation are available. Topics include:

  • Lifestyle Modification

  • Stress Management 

  • Nutrition 

  • Fitness concepts 

  • Pain Management 

Personal Care


Hands on physical assessment and treatment offered on site or at our facility. Therapy includes:

  • Pain Management

  • Stress Relief 

  • Muscle Tightness



Fun functional training that builds camaraderie and physique while providing stress relief through motion. Group training offered on site or at our facility. 

Tying It All Together

A comprehensive wellness solution with a plan individualized for your company including:

  • Educational Presentations

  • Corporate Fitness Solutions

  • Personal Care and Pain Management