Some Keys You MUST Know About Your Low Back Pain

Dr. Ben and Dr. Donald here. Today we want to let you in on some KEY points that helped us overcame our own back pain and how we have helped HUNDREDS of people just like you do the same!

Last time we talked about our experiences with low back pain, how it effected our ability to stay in top shape AND how we learned how to not only manage symptoms but truly OVERCOME our back pain to become stronger than we were before our injury. 

What's even better about this process is how easy it is to replicate. We have helped literally HUNDREDS of people overcome their back pain from professional athletes to CEOS, dentists, teachers, recreational athletes, you name it! 

This article is full of tricks you can impliment right away whether you want to get rid of your back pain or want to prevent low back pain.

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Is this you?

"My back pain has stopped me from hitting the gym/workout class and its killing me."

"I just can't do what I used to do because of my back pain"

"I went to the chiropractor and they just cracked me but didn't tell me what's going on"

"I am just not the same athlete anymore because of my back."


If any of this sounds like you, read on my friend and see how you can become pain free FAST and get back to your active lifestyle. 

You are not alone


Here's the bottom line:

We see so many people who are just like you!


This is because low back pain is among the most common conditions as around 80% of the population will experience it at one point in their lifetime.




Here is the best part:


You do not need to depend on painkillers, rest or even surgery to overcome your struggles! 


Finding ways to remain active while pain free will help you not only overcome your ache or pains, but it will allow you to become more resilient and avoid future injury. 

Here are a couple different things you can try for pain relief with low back pain:

Sloppy Push Up:
Great for those with pain bending forward or pain prolonged sitting
Dead Bug:
Great for those with pain bending backwards or general tightness

Live the active, healthy lifestyle you desire free of painkillers!


Your struggles with back pain is not forever and you are NOT broken.


There are many reasons why your back pain keeps coming back and/or stops you from playing with the kids, being productive at work, from being active with your significant others.

Common Concerns

Here are some common concerns we have heard from you guys about your back pain:

"Do I really need to avoid all activity" 

Though you will need to make some changes to allow some things to calm down, that does not mean completely resting.


Actually, complete rest has shown to be harmful and can make recovery process of low back pain longer. If you are anything like us, then this is GREAT news. 

But let's be clear here. This doesn't mean suck it up and keep doing what you are doing. It is a long and sometimes difficult road to balancing out how to stay active yet modify your movements to allow healing. 

This is why finding a doctor who can help guide you in this process is a MUST. 

"Is sitting causing my back pain?"

This all comes down to how your body responds and tolerates to sitting. You may have a certain posture that feels better to be in while sitting or maybe you can tolerate sitting for only a certain amount of time.

If sitting gives you a hard time, an easy way to avoid back pain while sitting is to take breaks by standing or taking a quick minute walk.


If you can't get up and walk around, try this one out and see if you can break that pain cycle (if it helps symptoms, do it often like every hour type of often). 

"My doctor told me I shouldn't squat"

This is definitely not always the case. This is a severe over generalization.

You may not be going ass-to-grass, but there are many ways to modify squatting to make it tolerable. Even if the squat itself is not tolerable it can usually be re-introduced into activity pretty quick if done correctly. 

Here are some great modifications that get the same benefits of training that are safer for the low back. 

"Do I just need to sit more upright?"

Here is the thing, a posture that is bad for you may be good for someone else.


Generally speaking those with pain bending forward tend to be more sensitive with prolonged sitting. This is because when both of your thighs are flexed, it causes the low back to also flex (similar to when you are bending forward, hence both pain bending forward and sitting). 

If this is the case for you use the above videos (sloppy push up or dynamic Hip flexor stretch) to break the pain cycle as often as you can. 

If you cannot get down to the ground or on one knee you can try this as well. 

"I feel like I just need to stretch my hamstring!"

Often times low back pain that you are feeling accompanies a sensation of tightness in the back of the leg. That tightness is often a result of a protection mechanism to protect nerves in the leg that connect to the low back. 

When you are stretching the hamstring it will also pull on the sciatic nerves and nerve don't like two things; being pulled on and/or being squished. So if your tightness is related to your low back pain you are doing far more harm than good. 

When a nerve is pressed on or stretched for an abnormal amount of time (like sitting, gardening, yard work, etc.) or with an abnormal amount of force ("hamstring pull" when running, lifting something heavy with poor form, etc.) you decrease the amount of blood flow to the nerve. Once this happens it is going to let you know it is pissed off by sending information to your brain. 

This information usually comes in the form of terrible pain, annoying tightness and/or that weird numbness or tingling sensation. So lay off the hamstring stretches. It is not the solution to your back pain. 

Check out the pictures below. That sciatic nerve is right under those hamstrings and as you can see that big nerve is the combination of nerves straight from the low back. So if you pull on that big nerve you are pulling those low back nerves too (and remember when you pull on a nerve, it gets pissed off).


Yes, it may feel good on the muscle in the short term but it will often follow with increased low back symptoms that were even worse than before. 

Stay Tuned!


So we have covered quite a bit and you are well on your way to 

We take the time to listen to your story and provide you with solutions to be more mobile, free of painkillers and spend more time with your loved ones without the fear/worry of pain.


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