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From your guide, you will be given principles proven with the most up-to-date research and experience of some of the top physical medicine doctors in the country.

This guide includes 5 tips that will help you:

  • Find out what is hurting you.
  • Assess what movements cause you pain.
  • Learn how to stay active PAIN FREE.
  • Find ways to workout or train to PREVENT future back pain.
  • Understand how YOU can control your low back pain.

What people just like you are saying:

Dr. Ben and Dr. Donald are truly gifted. They did in months what other doctors had been trying and failing to do for 10 years. Their advanced understanding of the body and ability to implement the best regimen for me was astounding, there truly gifted and have given me back my quality of life and restored my faith in doctors...

- Catelynn Mendoza